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Memorial Day Ceremony

April 4, 2024
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Memorial Day Ceremony
Eugene Haekel, Ned Martin, and George MacLemen

Sunday May 28, 10:30 at the HPCC Gazebo Parade Immediately Following

Grand Marshal:  Eugene Haekel

  • Eugene served from 1946-1966
  • First Sergeant
  • served at the tail end of WWII in Germany
  • was in the Korean War and Vietnam working on Nuclear missiles
  • was stationed in Korea and Japan
  • retired in 1966

Chief of Staff:  Ned Martin

  • Ned served in the Army October 1967 -1970
  • Stationed in Ft. Dix, Ft. Benjamin Harris, then to Ft. Riley
  • Sent off Easter Sunday 1969 to Vietnam
  • Worked in central accounting and Finance until 1970
  • Rank: Sgt E -5

Honored Veteran:  George MacLemen

  • U.S Marine Corps1972 - 1974
  • Marine Corps Reserves 1974-1978
  • Defense information School of Journalism
  • Stationed at camp Lejeune where he served as a sports editor for the Lejeune Globe
  • Memorial Day Committee Member who is being Honored posthumously

Keynote speaker:  Dr. Perry Opin

  • Branch:  Army Dental Corp. 1962 - 1964
  • Capacity:  Dentistry- Orthodontia, oral surgery, root canals, dental exams for the boys going overseas to Vietnam
  • Stationed - Ft. Benning, Georgia
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