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Statement Regarding the Postponement of the Town Fireworks Show

April 4, 2024
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Statement Regarding the Postponement of the Town Fireworks Show

Due to the threat of thunderstorms all day on Sunday, July 9th and particularly due to a “Thunderstorm Warning” from 7-12 pm, in coordination with Town Officials, we decided to postpone the Town of Orange Concert and Fireworks Show. This decision was based on many factors, most importantly public safety.

It is important to note that the decision had to be made 30 hours in advance of the scheduled show time due to travel restrictions of the band and the delivery of hazardous materials from the fireworks company. Please understand, per state regulations, once the fireworks shells are loaded into the shooting launchers early on Sunday, they cannot be returned to the truck. The show must either go on as scheduled or the $25k cost for the show is lost.

In addition, the dozen or so crew members, employed by Legion Fireworks, must work until well after the show is done (11pm) for clean-up, disposal of unexploded shells, and to pack the launching materials back onto the truck. The 7-12pm  Thunderstorm Warning could have put them in danger, as well as emergency, police, fire personnel and vendors who would be still on hand on the fairgrounds. Thunderstorms and fireworks are a dangerous combination!

Our thanks go out to all the event sponsors, vendors, town officials and Legion Fireworks company for working with us to provide a safe show at a later date. It is our goal to move the event to a day that will be under much better circumstances for all to enjoy. Although, we cannot move it to later this month due to many summer commitments of events already reserved at the Orange Fairgrounds, it is our goal to reschedule the event for Labor Day week in order for more families to be able to attend this great community event.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

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