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Or Shalom Hosts Yom Hashoah Service

May 29, 2024
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Or Shalom Hosts Yom Hashoah Service
Mitch Goldblatt lighting the Yellow Candle in honor of the 600 million Jews that died

Or Shalom hosted the Yom Hashoah program, Holocaust Remembrance Day on Sunday, May 5th for the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven.  What an amazing turnout.  Thank you to the Co- Chairs, Lynn Brothman and Gladys Horowitz and the whole Holocaust Memory Committee.  Special Thanks to: Atticus Book Store, Orange Police Department, Investigative Consultants, Robert E. Shure Funeral Home, The Towers at Tower Lane, The Jewish Historical Society of Greater New Haven, and Boy Scout Troop 41.

If you would like to make a contribution or find out more about Yellow Candle, please call the office 203.799.2341 or visit

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