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The Gift of Time: Orange Community Nursery School’s Kindergarten Readiness 5 year old Program

February 14, 2023
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The Gift of Time: Orange Community Nursery School’s Kindergarten Readiness 5 year old Program
Students in the 5s kindergarten readiness class at OCNS work together and learn cooperation skills as they prepare to enter kindergarten in the fall

As preschool teachers at Orange Community Nursery School we are acutely aware that our students learn best in a playful environment.  OCNS (located at the High Plains Community Center) has traditionally been a play-based program and has been working with families in Orange for the past 66 years.  Basing our program on sound educational research has been the foundation for our academic, play-based curriculum.  Expanding our format to include a transitional Kindergarten Readiness Program eight years ago was a natural evolution for our school.  It has been the perfect fit for families and we are excited to be offering the Kindergarten Readiness Program again for the 2023-2024 school year.

Our 5s program is a much-needed solution for children with late summer or fall birthdays who would benefit from an additional year of preschool.  Children need to have many whole-body sensory experiences daily to develop strong minds and bodies.  Social-emotional development is a key concern for families because of the effects of the pandemic on young learners.  OCNS strives to offer a program filled with these meaningful learning experiences and focuses on aligning with the CT State Frameworks for Early Childhood Education as well as neighboring Kindergarten programs.  The certified teachers at OCNS create an ever-evolving curriculum to tailor to the needs of their 5-year-old students.  We also offer many opportunities for strengthening social skills and building emotional stamina for kindergarten.  Our program is purposely adapted to meet the needs of this age group and students achieve great success during their first formal year of schooling after graduating from OCNS’ Kindergarten Readiness Program.  Giving young children “the gift of time” is a wonderful option for families and OCNS provides a loving atmosphere for this extra year of growth.

Orange Community Nursery School also offers 3- and 4-year-old programs.  Our 3-year-old program focuses on socialization while our 4s begin early literacy and numeracy activities.  Our certified, friendly staff will welcome you into our child-centered classrooms.  We have a large fenced-in outdoor space and playground, which are sure to please your preschooler.  Our class offerings are varied to allow families to find a schedule that works best for them.  Your family will find Orange Community Nursery School and its 60 years of service to local families, is the perfect fit to meet your child’s preschool needs.  We pride ourselves on being the preschool parents are talking about – come see the difference!

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