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Republican’s Select Slate for November Election

September 28, 2023
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Republican’s Select Slate for November Election
Dominic Lombardi, James Zeoli, and Maggie Lasto

The Orange Republicans held their caucus on Wednesday, July 20, endorsing incumbent James Zeoli for First Selectman, along with a full slate of candidates who will share the Republican ticket.

In his remarks, Zeoli cited his own observations on his opponent’s platform.  “My opponent complains about our focus on industrial and commercial development rather than retail.  How many of you have shopped online this week, this month, or this year?” Jim asked.  “Brick-and-mortar retail is in a very difficult position now because you can go on your phone or laptop and order products that come right to your door.  Retail is great, but the industrial and commercial development that has come here during my tenure has greatly benefited taxpayers,” said Zeoli.

“They (opponents) have complained about building a playground.  The playground is a good thing for Orange, and in fact, 98% of the cost of the playground was funded by the state.  That’s your tax dollars paid to Hartford coming back to you,” said Jim.

In Maggie Lasto’s nominating speech she remarked, “For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Maggie Lasto.  I am a 24-year-old lifelong resident of Orange.  It takes a leader who is fiscally responsible—someone who considers the best interest of their constituents when spending tax money, supporting education, investing in property, or welcoming new businesses.  It takes a leader who is willing to speak their mind honestly, yet able to work with others; someone who is always there with an open ear.”

Seconding the nomination was Dominic Lombardi “Though his (Jim Zeoli’s) hair may be a bit grayer than when he first started, his passion and commitment to this town are still exactly the same.  I always appreciate a leader who takes the next generation seriously and invests in our future.

“Jim finds a way to encourage residents in all stages of life, from our children, our students, our seniors, and everyone in between.  He is the reason why people like me make the choice to stay, to get involved, and encourage the next generation to do the same,” Lombardi said.

Republican Slate

First Selectman

  • James Zeoli


  • Ralph Okenquist
  • Judy Williams
  • John Carangelo

Board of Finance

  • Kevin Houlihan
  • James Leahy

Town Plan & Zoning Commission

  • Judy Smith
  • Tom Torrenti

Town Clerk

  • Mary Shaw

Tax Collector

  • Tom Hurley

Orange Board of Education

  • William Kraut
  • Ken Ziman

Amity Board of Education

  • Cathy Bradley
  • Dana Lombardi
  • Mike McDonough


  • Jody Daymon
  • Mike Donadeo
  • Gary Palermo
  • Glen Papelo
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