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Orange Lions Serving the Community

November 16, 2023
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Orange Lions Serving the Community

In keeping with our unwavering commitment to our motto, “WE SERVE,” the Orange Lions have been actively engaged in serving our community throughout the month of October.  We are proud to share some heartwarming updates from our recent activities.

Addressing Food Insecurity with the Anthem/LCIF Hunger Grant Program

As we are all aware, food insecurity is a pressing issue affecting many members of our community.  In an effort to make a difference, the Orange Lions partnered with the Anthem/LCIF Hunger Grant Program, which generously awarded us a grant of $2000.  This funding has been put to good use to address this critical issue.

Community Gathering at High Plains Community Center

On October 13, our partnership brought together 13 dedicated Anthem volunteers and 7 enthusiastic Orange Lions at the High Plains Community Center.  Together, we embarked on a mission to alleviate food insecurity in our community.

“Food 2 Kids” Initiative

A significant part of our efforts involved the “Food 2 Kids” initiative, aimed at ensuring that no student goes hungry over the weekend.  With the grant funds, we were able to purchase groceries and assemble 33 bags filled with essential food items.  These bags will provide vital sustenance to students who would otherwise have gone without meals during the weekend.

Supporting the Community Food Bank

In addition to our “Food 2 Kids” initiative, we also directed a portion of the food items towards restocking the shelves of our local Community Food Bank.  This will further assist in meeting the needs of individuals and families facing food insecurity in our community.

We are truly grateful for the generosity of the Anthem/LCIF Hunger Grant Program and the dedication of our volunteers.  Together, we are making a meaningful impact in the lives of those who need it most.

Orange Lions Club Enhances Student Eye Health with Specialized Screenings

In a week-long effort dedicated to the well-being of our local students, the Orange Lions Club extended their caring hands into the community’s elementary schools.  Their mission?  To provide efficient and precise eye screenings using a state-of-the-art Welch-Allyn camera, ensuring every child’s vision is in tip-top shape.

Thanks to this remarkable technology, each screening takes mere seconds, capturing a snapshot of the child’s eyes.  The camera then performs a comprehensive analysis, identifying various eye conditions such as near or far-sightedness, “lazy eye,” astigmatism, detached retina, and corneal deformities.  Detecting and addressing these issues early can prevent vision problems from affecting a child’s education.

Under the leadership of Lion Betty Hadlock, the pediatric eye screening chair, 15 dedicated Lions volunteered their time in Racebrook, Turkey Hill, Mary L. Tracy, Peck Place, and Hebrew Day Schools.  Throughout the week, they screened a total of 776 children and referred 64 students for follow-up with an eye doctor.

The school nurses greatly appreciate this invaluable service, which the Lions have been providing for years.  Unlike traditional eye chart readings, this screening is far more advanced and time-efficient.

The Orange Lions Club’s commitment to the well-being of local children shines brightly through their dedication to this essential initiative.

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