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Letter: Orange Deserves Better Communication

October 26, 2023
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Effective communication is the cornerstone of a thriving community, fostering trust and ensuring residents are informed.  Unfortunately, our current First Selectman consistently leaves us in the dark on issues, decisions, and even exciting news in Orange.

The “First Selectman’s Updates” section of the town website has only a single post, and it's from 2021.  No matter where you stand on the renovations at Fred Wolfe Park or the purchase of Race Brook Country Club, the lack of transparency caused unnecessary confusion.  For example, the new playground at Fred Wolfe Park is open, but without any promotion to inform the community.  While I appreciate that our current First Selectman shares updates on his personal Facebook page, this is not a substitute for the town having official social media channels and updating its website regularly.

This lack of communication is unacceptable and it’s time for change.

This is one of many reasons why I am voting for Mark Moyher to become our next First Selectman.  Transparency and engagement are central to his platform, which is easily accessible at  I have personally witnessed this commitment in my interactions with Mark - he’s always approachable and an attentive listener.  Regardless of how long you’ve lived here, your political affiliation, or whether you agree with him, Mark will proactively bring you to the table, which will strengthen our community.

If you agree that Orange deserves consistent and open communication, vote for Mark Moyher in person or by absentee ballot on November 7.

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