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Letter: Highway Department is Grateful

February 14, 2023
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Letter: Highway Department is Grateful
Pat Luddy

On Friday, January 20, 2023, the Orange Highway Department was served a wonderful, bountiful lunch courtesy of long-time Orange residents, Pat and Carol Luddy.  Pat said he and Carol wanted to provide lunch as a gesture of appreciation for all the work the Highway Department does around the Town of Orange that is mostly unrecognized.

Pat arrived on Friday in the rain.  He made multiple trips from his car to our cafe with loads of food, beverages and serving utensils.  The grand meal included two trays of sandwiches, sides, chips and even chocolate chip cookies!

Thank you, Pat and Carol.  We appreciate your gesture and kind generosity.  The DiBella’s meal was delicious and abundant.  And we thank you for the nod of recognition.

Our crew strives to “leave the Town of Orange a better place than the way we found her, and to leave it as beautiful as the people who live here.”  We operate under the leadership of our Crew Chief, Don Foyer, who has served this town for over 45 years.  The above quote is Don’s, who has the sincerest desire to keep this town in the best possible shape.  Under his direction, with funds provided, we do our very best and it warms the heart to know someone noticed.

Thanks again, Pat and Carol.

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