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Letter: Fred Wolfe Park Ad Hoc Committee - Hands Tied

April 6, 2023
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Over the last two years several Orange town residents complained about the location of the proposed playground at Fred Wolfe Park.  Several people attended the Orange Board of Selectmen meetings and expressed concern about traffic safety.  Orange First Selectman Zeoli then created a seven person Fred Wolfe Park Ad Hoc committee.  Before the first meeting of the Ad Hoc committee, a land license for 14.4 acres was given out to Walter and Dorothy Hine for $375 per year to plant corn at Fred Wolfe Park.  This would eliminate any options to relocate the playground and Mary Tracy Soccer fields to the corn fields for two years.

Also, 1/19/22 at the first Fred Wolfe Park Committee it was announced that the relocation of the playground was off the table.  Per the Orange First Selectman the playground will go in the location where he selected.  Now the committee was told to correct the traffic problem created by the location of the playground.

Please help correct this misstep.  Please sign a petition to stop planting corn at Fred Wolfe Park and change the location of the playground.  See below link for a petition to NOT renew the lease for corn at FWP.  We want to keep getting signatures.  Per the Town of Orange charter, section 3.6 allows voters to go to referendum on this issue.

Please sign and contact your selectmen,

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