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Amity Regional High School Advances for National Academic Decathlon Competition

April 4, 2024
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Amity Regional High School Advances for National Academic Decathlon Competition

On February 25, 2023, Amity Regional High School’s Academic Decathlon Team qualified for this year’s National Academic Decathlon Competition after winning the title of CT state champions.  The team includes seniors Anchal Bahel, Elise Sheehee, Sophia Liu, Selin Ho, and Sena Ho, as well as juniors Bridget Lowder, Ali Khan, and Shaofei Ong and is advised by Ms. Laura Roessler.

Each year Academic Decathlon elects a theme, with this season’s focus being the American Revolution.  Students had to study diligently about the relevance of this event on the nine subject areas which include science, math, literature, art, economics, social sciences, and music.  In addition, each student was also required to participate in a speech, interview, and essay section which occurred online a week prior.  Academic Decathlon splits students up into varying teams based on their past academic achievement, creating an honors, scholastic, and varsity category. This year, however, every member was able to be awarded a medal.

Khan and Ong, who are members of the varsity category, were able to win first place prizes in science, essay, literature, and interview.  Bahel and Lowder competed among the Scholastic group and placed first in speech, interview, music, art, and the essay portion.  Lastly, Liu and the Ho twins achieved first in essay and music, as well as second place in speech.

Team Captain Anchal Bahel shares that “this experience has been incredibly rewarding.  Everyone sharing their differing strengths allowed the team to foster a community with unity and respect.  I am grateful that we achieved this opportunity during my senior year.  It will definitely be one to remember.”  Sena Ho recalls the experience as, “a time to put to work what we had been studying and working towards for the entire year.  Everyone is able to excel at different areas, and this competition allows each member to shine in their own way.”

Nationals will occur on April 28, 2023, in Frisco, Texas.

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